What’s Your Legacy?

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Imagine you are 17 and enjoying a dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes with your family. Halfway through your meal, the telephone rings. Your mother sighs, and then gets up to answer it. “Hello?” she mutters. “Oh, hi, doctor. What can I do for you?” she says as she shoots you a worried glance. “Uh huh. Yes, Oh no. Please no.” As she hangs up the phone, she walks over to you and the tears begin to stream down her cheeks. “That was the doctor. The tests came back. She says you have cancer,” your mother forces herself to tell you. You can see how much it pains her to break this news to her child. Your father looks at you in astonishment – as if you’ve somehow changed right before his eyes. Your younger sister looks at you across the table and it’s almost as if you can watch the horrible movies of death and disease playing in her young mind. You look down at your mashed potatoes. As your mother starts sobbing, you draw lines in the potatoes with the tines of your fork, and you simply have no idea what to say. You’ve just been diagnosed with cancer.

Unfortunately, a story like this plays out every five minutes in our country. Every 10 minute someone loses their fight to cancer. Leukemia is the leading cause of cancer death among children under 20.  Someone right now is getting a phone call as devastating as the one described above.  I got my phone call in December of 1994. I started chemotherapy the day before Christmas.

The good news is: it won’t always be this way. Just a generation or two before ours, they couldn’t have dreamed that a child could get a simple shot and be spared from measles, the mumps or rubella. Adults and children had no access to a shot that could protect them from the flu. Organ transplantation was something only seen in science fiction novels.

Someday we’ll be able to say we found a cure for cancer. For those of us who participate in raising the critical funds to lead this fight, it will be part of our legacy. We all want to leave this world a little better than the way we found it. Wouldn’t it be amazing when that day comes that the news reporter tells us the scientists have found a cure, to know that you were a part of it? What do you want your legacy to be?

In 2011, Monica and I will again be raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of New England. This important group gives back 76 cents of every dollar raised directly to researchers on the cutting edge as well as patients in need of financial assistance. They also fund programs for children and adults newly diagnosed so that when someone, somewhere gets that phone call today, they have a place to turn to.

Do you want part of your legacy to be finding the cure for cancer?

We are looking for a handful of dedicated members to help us plan a 3 fundraising events this year. We can do the heavy lifting, but we all know it’s easier when you have support. If you’re willing to help us plan events, market them and send out invitations – please contact us at: [email protected] or 617-947-1920

Additionally, we’d like www.HaveFunForCharity.com to benefit other worthy causes. If you are hosting an event and we can help collaborate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Sign up for our newsletter to learn when we have other fun events that put your hard earned dollars to work on similarly worthy causes. We find the discounts and you spend money have fun and giving back. Please sign up: www.HaveFunForCharity.com/newsletter or join us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/havefunforcharity .


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